Selected Hexing Specialties

The cut-log mushroom cultivation technique

(1) The log

   The log itself is the main source of nutrients for the mushrooms. Thus, the type of log used has a considerable impact on the yield of shiitake mushrooms. Those most suitable for growing cut-log shiitake mushrooms are logs cut from the straight trunks of acacia, tung and maple trees.

(2) Hole-making and inoculation

   Inoculation means the insertion of the mushroom spawn into the log. There are many methods of inoculation, but the main one currently used in Taiwan is the insertion of sawdust spawn. Before inoculating, a hole-puncher is used to make holes in the log about 20-25 cm apart, distributed as evenly as possible. The best arrangement of the holes is in spiral mode. When the holes have been made, the sawdust spawn is pressed into them and sealed with melted paraffin wax.