Selected Hexing Specialties

Sun-dried Makino Bamboo Shoots

Every year, as spring is about to turn to summer and makino bamboo starts shooting up, Taiwan’s indigenous people take fresh makino bamboo shoots to sell in the markets, and also prepare dried shoots in a natural way without any added flavoring or other processing. To prepare the dried shoots, they wash, slice and boil the newly harvested shoots, and then dry them in the sun. The whole process is completely natural, without the use of seasoning, preservative, or any other additives. It generally takes about twelve kilos of fresh bamboo shoots to make one kilo of dried shoots. The sun-dried shoots have a brownish-yellow appearance, with a strong and distinctive aroma. They are especially suited for braising or stewing with pork belly or chicken. If you simmer them with chicken broth, you can create a classic flavor of Zhejiang cuisine, a favorite of our former president.